Quyen Tran - Aspiring Web Developer


web design & development student

Who Am I?

I'm a future software engineer who wants to expand her technology knowledge and maximizes her potential in Web Development. Contrast to popular beliefs, I don't think a person's career path should be dictated solely by how much he/she loves or excels at something. To be honest, I had never been passionate about computer technology in my entire life. I used to hate the computer courses I took at school a lot because I could never grasp the concepts; and for that, I am far from a computer/technology genius. And yet, I want to major in Computer Science. My rationale is that the less I know, the more I can learn, and the less experienced I am, the more room I have for improvement. I'd love to be a theoretical computer scientist just as much, but I'll go with software engineering as I'm bound to create more.
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